Ricucci & Siqueira Endo Sapiens in Colombia
Ricucci & Siqueira
Endo Sapiens meeting in Colombia
Endodontic forum and exhibition by Dr. Domenico Ricucci and Dr. José Siqueira
May 30-31, 2025
The world-renowned international project Endo Sapiens is now coming to Colombia! The very first event "Ricucci & Siqueira Endo Sapiens meeting" will be held in Bogotá on May 30-31, 2025!
Bogotá, Colombia. A new stop of Endo Sapiens project.
Endo Sapiens is an international project focusing on science in the field of endodontics. Founded in Rome back in 2022 by Dr. Domenico Ricucci, it is now one of the largest endodontic forums in the world.

In 2025 the Endo Sapiens project is coming to Colombia with a big scientific event called "Ricucci & Siqueira Endo Sapiens meeting". It will be held in Bogotá on May 30 and 31, 2025.
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Welcome message from Domenico Ricucci
Ricucci & Siqueira Endo Sapiens meeting in Mexico
The recent edition of the annual international forum Endo Sapiens 2023 in Barcelona was attended by more than 500 delegates from 54 countries, literally from all over the world! Endo Sapiens is growing fast focusing on a deep analysis of scientific research in endo. It is with immense pride that I announce that Endo Sapiens project is now coming to Colombia where we will be presenting together Dr. José F. Siqueira Jr. bringing the latest scientific data and clinical results in modern endodontics. I can't wait to meet all our colleagues and friends from Colombia in June 2025 at the "Ricucci & Siqueira Endo Sapiens meeting". See you there!
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Welcome message from José F. Siqueira Jr.
Ricucci & Siqueira Endo Sapiens meeting in Mexico
It is a great honor to bring Endo Sapiens project to Colombia together with my partner Dr. Domenico Ricucci. We will do our best to discuss all the latest scientific and clinical trends in modern endo, always basing on the results of our mutual research in endodontics. Among many other topics, we will dive deep into the caries diseases, endodontic infection control, vital pulp therapies, disinfection protocols, biofilms, clinical decision making on post-treatment endodontic disease and much more. I look very much forward to meeting all of you in Bogotá in May 2025.
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"Ricucci & Siqueira Endo Sapiens" scientific program day 1
May 30, 2025
09:00 - 13:00
09:00 - 13:00
Caries disease: from non-cavitated "white spot" carious lesion to pulp penetration
Dr. Domenico Ricucci
  • Non-cavitated caries lesions - New knowledge.
  • Caries biofilm. The advance of the front of infection. Pulp defense mechanisms - immune reactions and tertiary dentin. The main bacterial culprits in dentinal caries. How long the pulp tissue can counterbalance the bacterial attack. Diagnostic tools in the diagnosis of reversible/irreversible pulpitis. Correlation between clinical and histologic pulp diagnoses.
  • Controversies about the depth of caries excavation. Selective vs non-selective excavation
  • Indirect pulp therapy. A misconception in modern Dentistry.
  • Direct pulp capping. Partial and full pulpotomy as an alternative to root canal treatment.
  • Controversies concerning the success rate of Vital Pulp Therapy.
  • Old and new biomaterials in VPT. Comparison between Calcium hydroxide, MTA compounds and calcium silicate cements.
14:00 - 18:00
14:00 - 18:00
Infection of the root canal system and formation of the apical periodontitis lesion. All that clinicians need to know
Dr. José F. Siqueira Jr.
  • Types of endodontic infections: definitions, bacterial composition, and clinical implications.
  • Patterns of bacterial colonization of the root canal system. Understanding where bacteria are located to develop strategies to reach and eliminate them.
  • The biofilm; a relatively new concept in Endodontics.
  • Apical periodontitis as a diseased caused by bacterial biofilms.
  • The apical root canal system: a critical zone in terms of infection and disinfection. Bacterial invasion of the periradicular tissues. Extraradicular infection: biofilms and actinomycosis. Clinical implications
  • Formation of apical periodontitis. Classification of the types of lesions. The cyst conundrum.
"Ricucci & Siqueira Endo Sapiens" scientific program day 2
May 31, 2025
09:00 - 13:00
09:00 - 13:00
Strategies for infection control
Dr. Domenico Ricucci
  • Strategies for infection control
  • Treatment of teeth with preoperative vital or necrotic pulp: a crucial difference.
  • Controlling infection during nonsurgical treatment. Effects of mechanical preparation. Apical limit and size of preparation. How to optimize the mechanical and chemical effects of irrigation. Irrigant choice: type, concentration and combinations.
  • Limitations of the contemporary disinfection protocols. Role of lateral canals, apical ramifications, isthmuses and intricacies of the root canal system.
  • Supplementary approaches to optimize postpreparation disinfection: interappointment medication, ultrasonics, GentleWave, lasers, and others.
14:00 - 18:00
14:00 - 18:00
Dr. José F. Siqueira Jr.
  • Defining success to understand failure. How to determine the treatment outcome. Impact of different factors on the treatment outcome.
  • Causes of post-treatment apical periodontitis. Why do well-treated root canals fail?
  • Clinical decision making on post-treatment endodontic disease. Retreatment vs surgical approach.
  • Treatment of large lesions. Challenges and solutions.
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Recent Endo Sapiens 2023 in Barcelona
On behalf of Dentoki team, we would like to thank you all for joining us in Barcelona last year for the annual International forum Endo Sapiens 2023 by Domenico Ricucci. The meeting was attended by participants from 54 countries, literally from all over the world! We would like to share with you some unforgettable moments through photos and videos from the recent event in Barcelona here below. Stay tuned and see you in Paris next time!
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